28 Experts Warn Against Pitfalls When Firing an Employee

Choosing a location for your business

Choosing a location for your business Starting a new business can be exciting but you know what they say. “Location, location, location” Here are a few things to consider when shopping for the home of your business. Style Is your business formal and corporate or more casual and retail? If your business is retailing do […]

Using Social Media for Customer Service improvement

Using Social Media for Customer Service improvement We live in an age where consumers use Social Media to share their experiences with friends or followers. Consumers can either praise you for your fantastic service or they can lash out at you for providing poor service. In the blink of an eye, you can go from hero […]

Should your business be advertising online

Should your business be advertising online? In today’s market it can often be difficult to remain competitive. Customers are spoiled for choice and will very often get more than one quotation to compare. Customers look to online platforms such as Facebook and Google for reviews as well as ratings. It is more important than ever to […]

Resolving conflict in the workplace

Resolving Conflict in the Workplace Often when we work together, conflict can be unavoidable because of differences in personalities and work styles. Master Human Resources provides a short guideline for Resolving conflict in the workplace. Talk it out Make a request with the other person that you set aside a convenient time to meet in […]

Developing Good Management Skills

Developing Good Management Skills First and foremost, you have to ask yourself, are you management material? It is easy to fill the title of manager but this does not automatically make you a good manager. Developing good management skills will ensure your success. The goal of a good manager should be to achieve positive results through inspiration, […]

What does the labour law state regarding lunch and tea breaks

Are employees entitled to lunch breaks? Did you know that there is no “tea breaks” in the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. It only deals with lunch breaks. However, nothing prohibits an employer and employee to enter into an agreement for tea breaks. The fact that the Act does not deal with it, means that […]

Dealing with theft in the work place

Dealing with theft in the work place Dealing with theft in the work place must be done correctly as employees know their rights and must be dealt with by following correct procedures for the act of misconduct in question. Following the wrong procedure will eventually result in losing a case at the CCMA. There is a […]

Using Human Resource company services

What does a Human Resources company do? First of all, you may ask “Using Human Resource company services, what can they do for my business that I cant do myself? Human resource specialists are responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing workers. They may also handle employee relations, payroll and benefits and training. Human resources managers […]

CCMA Arbitrations without assistance

CCMA Arbitrations without assistance What you need to know CCMA Arbitrations without assistance can be rather daunting due to having to follow proper procedures. Another option is to make use of our HR Consulting Services as we are professional, well informed and ready to assist. As a result you would have a better chance of obtaining the best resolution. With the […]