Developing Good Management Skills

Developing Good Management Skills

First and foremost, you have to ask yourself, are you management material? It is easy to fill the title of manager but this does not automatically make you a good manager. Developing good management skills will ensure your success.

The goal of a good manager should be to achieve positive results through inspiration, leadership and development of the team. Developing skills to become a good manager is not easy, furthermore, just because you were a good team member does not automatically make you a good manager.

It is important to set and communicate clear direction to your team on what needs to be accomplished and how it can be accomplished at a high level. There are many ways to get things done. Choose the best way and stick with it. A good leader has confidence and provides clear direction.

“A good manager also invests time in developing the team”

Make sure you delegate well to accomplish greatness with a team. Assess your team members’ skills early, delegate issues based on only what you think they can handle. Own the large issue, break it down into smaller ones, and let each team member help you solve the smaller ones. Therefore, remember to delegate issues not tasks.

A good manager supports open communication as well as finds ways to encourage the team members by asking clarification questions. Give them some feed back on their works in progress. This will make your job easier in the long run, as you cannot easily guess if someone may be confused or stuck. By encouraging communication, you can create a safe environment for your team to ask questions, get feedback and escalate concerns.

A good manager also invests time in developing the team. This means understanding each person’s skill level, career goals, and creating opportunities for them to learn new skills while at the same time accomplishing what the company needs this team to accomplish. A good manager invest time in people development. Find the value of an employee by inspiring them to be incredible.

In conjunction with a mindset to develop others, as a manager, it is critical to know how to provide constructive feedback. No one is perfect. Everyone has strengths and development areas. It is your job as a manager to let each of your team members know how to leverage their strengths and provide good examples of where and how to develop.

Effective management is not an easy task and requires the below skills:

Clear and assertive communication
Establishing a connection with your staff or team
Motivational Skills
Decision Making Skills
Clear and effective flow of information.

In conclusion, set a good example for your employees to follow and be a leader that is pleasant to work with. Be the best so that your team have an incentive to live up to your expectation. Once you have achieved success, do not forget to reward your team by celebrating or implementing incentive’s. Think of creative ways to increase your motivational strategies. Make use of  team building exercises and travel where relevant. Remember, a motivated workforce will be a happier, more productive, successful and ensures a happy work environment.


Good management skills development
Good management skills development