Choosing a location for your business

Choosing a location for your business

Starting a new business can be exciting but you know what they say. “Location, location, location” Here are a few things to consider when shopping for the home of your business.


Is your business formal and corporate or more casual and retail? If your business is retailing do you need a to be in a mall with foot traffic or if you are corporate do you need to be in an office block


First and foremost, who are your customers and where do they come from. Do they need to be able to get to you easily and quickly or do you go to them. If your customer base is local you want to be an area where you can easily service them.

It is also important to consider your staff. Do you need to be in an area where they can get to and from work with ease? You want your operation to run as smoothly as possible.


Does your premises have easy access and parking for customers or clients. Are your suppliers able to deliver to you at convenient times and can they get to you easily?

If you rely on customers being able to get in and out quickly you will want a premises where access is convenient and safe to ensure repeat business.


Do you want to be in an area that your competitors have no presence or do you want to be close to your competitors in the hopes that they will actually bring you existing customers. You can very often find similar businesses bundled together in specific areas or office blocks such as law firms and attorneys.

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Choosing a location for your business
Choosing a location for your business